Spending too much on commuting costs?

We can help put that money back into your pockets. Let me explain.

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How will we do this?

Through Transportation Management Programs

The City works with your community to implement programs that
encourage residents and employees to use public transit, walk, carpool,
or bike as oppose to driving alone.

These programs are known as Transportation Management Programs (TMP)
and are funded by the local government to provide incentives to those who

All you have to do is sign up and you can start receiving money
towards your commute every month!

Why are we doing this?

To reduce traffic and carbon footprint.

By incentivizing people to utilize other means of transportation
we look to reduce the amount of single occupancy vehicles on the road.

The less cars we have on the roads, the less congestion in our areas.
Not to mention the environmental benefits!

So, what's Urban Rider?

Urban Rider aims to spread awareness and connect community members
to their local TMPs. We provide a database of TMP programs in
participating locations making it easier for people to find.

We are currently partnered with Arlington Potomac Yard and Alexandria
Potomac Yard communities to promote their programs.

Connect with us on social media to join the Urban Rider community where
we host monthly giveaways to help spread the word!

Enough talking...
Let's find your TMP.

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